Birgit Adlesgruber

EXPERTISE : Seat massage Shiatsu, 4 langages (German, French, English, Dutch) and more than 20 years office-experience (translation, administration, marketing, logistics, consumer- and customer-service).

STRENGTH: Good listener, curious, open-minded, idealistic, enthousiastic, optimistic.

WEAKNESS : Sometimes too idealistic, I’m good at procrastinating and the computer is not always my best friend.

MOTTO : Make the world a better place.

IDEAL : A society based on confidence, decisions made by heart and intution even if it's against mainstream, more brave people who leave their comfort zone and who think out of the box.

MUSIC : Listening my son playing the guitar, percussion and flute, otherwise lots of different styles of music that touch my emotions.

DREAM : Travel around the world in a camper with my companion and soulmate and his dog.

ROLE AT READY! : Relax people doing massage in offices (together with my 4 collegues from BreakEnergie).

WEBSITE : Break Energie

Birgit Adlesgruber