For whom? All people and organizations that benefit from developing a pragmatic financial management culture.


Managing Director at Comap Bénélux

“My business requires rigorous financial control and I want to improve my skills to optimize my dashboards and financial flows."

These topics are available for individual and group sessions

  • Manage my cash flow: knowing my cash flow leaks, applying the principles that generate positive cash flow


  • Collection: improving my cash flow using healthy collection techniques


  • Pricing: defining an smart pricing policy that takes into account my market as well as the financial needs of my organization


  • The levers of my profit and loss account: knowing how to analyse my business to drive profitable operations and reduce financial leakage


  • Reduce cost: finding the levers that significantly reduce cost without jeopardizing the activity


  • Manage my margins: controlling the impact of fixed and variable, direct and indirect cost to ensure my profitability, knowing how to apply the concept of marginal profit


  • My business plan: describing my project that demonstrates the financial impact on future business