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These topics are available for individual and group sessions

  • Reset – Refocus – Restart: aligning the energies, intentions and commitment of my employees in order to boost their focus and ability to deliver through difficult times.


  • Driving the performance of my teams: translate and align the mission of my organization at all levels, define the strategy for each department, specify the objectives, define the role and functioning of each employee, manage people and situations in alignment with the mission.


  • Emotional Intelligence: Knowing how to respond in a relevant and humane way to the emotions of my colleagues to create harmony based on respect and trust.


  • Assertiveness: knowing how to listen and express myself more authentically, recognize and counter malicious forms of communication in a nonviolent way to build mutual trust, knowing how to respect myself, respond peacefully but steadily to verbal aggression avoid tensions and conflicts.


  • Agility: Developing my mental flexibility and that of my employees to meet the challenges of the company, save time and find simple solutions that go off the beaten track.


  • Public Speaking: overcoming stage fright, learning to spontaneously speak in front of an audience, mastering the techniques of public speaking.


  • Time management: knowing how to optimize my organization over time, learning how to manage the available time according to the importance and priority of tasks, knowing how to say no to be calm and balanced in my professional environment.