Anne Randerson

EXPERTISE : Global Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Life and Career Transitions,
Professional Identity, DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging), Mindfulness and
Spirituality in the Workplace.

STRENGTH: Empathy and Intuition (Leading from the Heart).

WEAKNESS : I’m very energetic. I need to remember to slow down and smell the flowers.

MOTTO : Life is a gift. Appreciate every moment. Live in the Now. Be kind.

IDEAL : Guide others through challenging life transitions (interpersonal, career, cultural, spiritual, personal health and well-being).

MUSIC : Anything that makes me get up and dance (that’s easy, I love to dance!).

MY DREAM : To live in a world free of conflict and war, where we all understand and respect each other and protect our natural resources.

ROLE AT READY! : Drawing on my professional expertise as a coach and mentor to help people lead more fulfilling lives in the global workplace and within themselves.

WEBSITE : Cross Cultural Horizons

Anne Randerson