Anouk Schaap

EXPERTISE : Coaching, stressmanagement, sustainable leadership, well-being within organisations.

STRENGTH: Power to connect.

WEAKNESS : To stay focused, I keep on having new ideas and future plans.

MOTTO : Take good care of yourself so you can take care of others sustainably.

IDEAL : That we reconnect as a society from human to human and we create communities where we take good care of eachother.

MUSIC : R&B from the '90's, afro-fusion and classical music.

DREAM : To live in the countryside with my loved ones and many animals ones, to help and inspire others as often as possible.

ROLE AT READY! : Bringing you and/or your team back to yourself so you can work and lead from a place of peace and trust.

WEBSITE : Take care of your selfie

Anouk Schaap