Patricia Van Beneden

EXPERTISE : Coaching - leadership - stress management (RET - Mindfulness) - HSP - non violent communication

STRENGTH: To offer a safe (learning) climate where we can all be our natural selves.

WEAKNESS : Self-critical.

MOTTO : Be the change you want to see in the world.

IDEAL : To help creating a respectful society where people feel safe to be their perfect genuine self.

MUSIC : Instrumental jazz, R&B, dance music, the Boss.

DREAM : Create a resourcing centre welcoming everyone who, is at a time in their life when they feel the need for a break, to be supported, listened to, guided, be it for professional or personal reasons.

ROLE AT READY! : In a soft, non-judgmental way helping you/your team to rediscover your true self/-ves in order to be your own the best version.

Patricia Van Beneden