Rita Cunha Pavão

EXPERTISE : Organisational and project management, change management, business transformation, business analysis.

STRENGTH: My organisational skills and my 'cup half full' mindset.

WEAKNESS : Setting my boundaries, I've been actively working on that for a long time!.

MOTTO : Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are!

IDEAL : My passion lies in infusing vibrancy into the lives of those around me, enriching both our personal and professional journeys with warmth and creativity!

MUSIC : 80ies, rock, jazz, R&B, lounge… it really depends on my mood!

DREAM : To continue to work in part from abroad so that I can spend more time in my home country, with my family and friends there but also travel while working remotely!

ROLE AT READY! : I'm the go-to person for getting our ducks in a row, sprinkling a bit of organizational magic to keep things charmingly coordinated!

WEBSITE :  Focusally