Stephany Dano

EXPERTISE : Non-verbal Communication, Embodiment and Somatics, Personality and Relationships. Mental Health at work.

STRENGTH: Kind yet Firm, visionaire and flexible.

WEAKNESS : Not taking enough time for my needs (a work in progress) and being too much in other people’s shoes.

MOTTO : Power without Love is Brutality, Love without Power is Inefficient.

IDEAL : To have everyone regaining their mind-body connection, so communication and connections would become more authentic.

MUSIC : I love to use music depending on my mood, Sing out loud to release tensions, and be surprised by scanning through worldwide radios.

DREAM : To have created an impact toward authentic empowerment. Learning even more around the human potential and cultures.

ROLE AT READY! : Helping people regain their mind-body connection. Create awareness of what you do as action/reactions and offer other choices that feel good.

WEBSITE :  Stephany Dano